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The Mindset Of An Athlete | Tim Abeyie

The Mindset Of An Athlete | Tim Abeyie

May 6, 2021

In this episode I speak with Tim Abeyie who is a former Team GB and Ghana indoor sprinter. He is a medal winning athlete who competed at the Commonwealth games, World Championships indoors and out, the African championships and the European Championships.

Tim explains how he got into athletics and being called up to represent GB.

He explains how he prepares himself for the main event and his routine for getting into the right mindset.

If you are looking at self improvement and want to know how get into a growth mindset for success, check this episode out.

Since retiring from the sport he has become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and has his own coaching business - Speed for Sport.

The Speed for Sport Academy is aimed at giving young people the opportunity to maximize their potential in sport and is a way of giving something back.

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How To Stop Procrastinating: Easy To Apply Techniques

How To Stop Procrastinating: Easy To Apply Techniques

April 15, 2021

In this episode I explore procrastination. Everyone procrastinates, even the most inspirational people - Mozart, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dalai Lama...to name a few.


But what is procrastination, why does this happen, and how can this be helped?

Maybe you find yourself doing anything other than the task ahead and feel immense pressure when the deadline hits? Does this sound familiar?

If you find yourself seeking answers and want some quick, easy to apply techniques to help with your procrastination - stay tuned to the end of the episode.


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Should I Give Up On My Dreams?

Should I Give Up On My Dreams?

April 8, 2021

Many of us when pursuing our dreams are incredibly excited and we aim for success. We have an amazing idea and cannot wait to share with the world...


...Only for the negativity and doubts to settle in if we do not see results. This can deter us on our path, not only of success but overall happiness.


In this episode I explore the common reasons why people give up on their dreams and provide essential questions to help you find out if you should quit or continue.


If you are experiencing negative thoughts, this episode is for you as I have experienced this also. I share what has kept me on track and maintaining this passion.


If you are stuck and need additional support, I am a professional life and business coach where we can discuss your blockers and help you reach your goals.

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Use This Method To Find Your Purpose

Use This Method To Find Your Purpose

April 1, 2021

Many of us are desperately trying to find out purpose in life. We read countless self help books and watch hours of YouTube for an understanding.

We try so hard to find our meaning. But, what if there is a simpler way for us to understand what our purpose is? 

Join me on this weeks episode where I discuss what has helped me find my purpose. 

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How Acceptance Can Change Our World | Alex Da Silva

How Acceptance Can Change Our World | Alex Da Silva

March 25, 2021

In this episode we speak with Alex Da Silva who is a TEDx speaker, coach, and co-founder of the Happy As Larry Group.

This is a very raw interview where Alex opens up about his mental health struggles, his lowest point and how he turned his life around through self help. 

We delve deep into Alex's journey and how acceptance helped transform his life. If you are looking for inspiration and advice to help you with your own struggles, this episode is for you. 

Check out The Happy As Larry Group - www.happyaslarrygroup.com

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How To Encourage Diversity & Inclusion | Dr. Joanna Abeyie MBE

How To Encourage Diversity & Inclusion | Dr. Joanna Abeyie MBE

March 11, 2021

On this episode, I speak with Dr. Joanna Abeyie MBE who is the founder of Blue Moon - a flagship inclusive Executive Search Business and Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy Practice.

Joanna is also a TEDx speaker, multi-award-winning social impact entrepreneur, champion of diversity, inclusion, and equality as well as being an award-winning journalist and broadcaster.

We talk through Joanna's extraordinary journey and you will hear how Jo started her career.

From the difficulties in trying to get work experience herself to then becoming a successful journalist and multi-award winning social impact entrepreneur, placing over 3000 people from diverse backgrounds into employment and being awarded an MBE.

I had such a great time speaking with Jo and I am sure you will have a great time listening as well as coming away feeling motivated and inspired.

If you are looking for talent in your company and need assistance creating an inclusion environment, check out Blue Moon - https://www.createbluemoon.com/


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Developing Emotional Intelligence | Chris Brindley MBE

Developing Emotional Intelligence | Chris Brindley MBE

February 25, 2021

In this episode I speak with Chris Brindley MBE.

Chris shares his journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the UKs foremost business leaders. What Chris has achieved over his professional career is extraordinary and you're in for a treat.

In this episode Chris shares:

• How emotional intelligence has helped him succeed throughout his career.
•The most challenging times he has faced and how he overcame it.
• Becoming the Chair at the Rugby League World Cup 2021
• Receiving his MBE for services to sport and what this meant to him and hios family


If you are an entrepreneur or need motivation to reach the next stage in your life, this episode is for you.


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Achieving Your Goals In 2021: Did 2020 Help Give Us Our Vision?

Achieving Your Goals In 2021: Did 2020 Help Give Us Our Vision?

February 18, 2021
We know that 2020 was a tough and challenging year on both our physical and mental health.
This episode explores how it prepared us for greater things. Was 2020 in fact a way to help us realise our true potential whilst also helping us to finally do what we have always wanted?
Stay tuned for this.
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How To Help Young People Talk Openly - with Yash Tiwari

How To Help Young People Talk Openly - with Yash Tiwari

February 11, 2021

In this episode I speak with Yash Tiwari who is a 5 Times TEDx Speaker, has been awarded among the “Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by T.I.A.

He is an author, speaker, mentor and teacher who inspires his audiences and strives to make a positive impact in the world. 

We discuss the importance of helping the younger generation reach out and talk openly as well as how to help our next generation deal with mental health challenges. 

Yash also shares his tips on how he stays motivated, as well as how he wrote his internationally acclaimed Debut Novel “A Celebration In Tribulation” which he wrote at the age of 16 - within 22 days.

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Finding Your Purpose with Simon Chokoisky

Finding Your Purpose with Simon Chokoisky

February 8, 2021

In this episode I speak with Simon Chokoisky who is a pioneer in using Vedic Astrology and Dharma Typing to help people discover their soul’s purpose.

He runs a private consulting business based on his trainings in Vedic life mapping and Vedic Astrology.

He is the author of The Five Dharma Types, Sex, Love, and Dharma, gamblers dharma, and dharma method as well as the creator of the Decoding Your Life Map with Vedic Astrology DVD series - You are in for a treat this episode

He has also been featured on Gaia sharing his work which inspired me to reach out to him as this has helped transform my life.

We talk about his journey into Vedic Astrology, what the 5 Dharma types are and how we can identify what Dharma we are to help us understand our purpose.


Simon also shares his new app which helps identify our lucky day. This app has a success results of 80%. Simon shares how this has helped him successfully predict election, win at casinos and many more. 


It is truly fascinating and you can use the app to find out your lucky day by clicking this link here - https://www.luckytimesapp.com/ 

If you are interested in finding out your Dharma and your purpose - visit Simon's website - https://spirittype.com/


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